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What happens when you stick your head in the sand and pretend the real world does not exist? Well, with your ass in the air you tend to get it fucked… welcome to modern day America.


I know many people whom I interact with daily that choose to ignore the world around them only to place their entire forward thrust into inconsequential things. Now, this is not the same entry into Sanity Is Razor Thin as my “Reality Rejection” column, no this is about CHOOSING to allow the real world to pass you by all in an vain hope that things will somehow work themselves out. Take for example the current schism between the 2 parties of our oh so perfect political system… I see people day in and day out who just want to watch cartoons, get high and “let someone else fix it”.  I just love that… “let someone else fix it”.  Doesn’t that just embody the American spirit absolutely perfectly?  Like I said last week, it’s never MY fault when something happens it’s always someone else’s fault and now it’s not even MY responsibility to fix it… you can do that… I have cartoons to watch.  Do you know how, not just the political system but the entire system of government got so screwed up?  That very attitude right there, that very passing of responsibility ends up giving the completely wrong people the power to abuse authority and to work their nefarious deeds with no oversight. Why do you think those in power want to keep you sedated and uninterested? Why do you think they want you focused on immaterial things? Why do you think that this front of a drug war is such a failure? They want you bored and disinterested, they want you preoccupied with nonsense. They want you to be covering the “news” with grinding teddy bears and who is fucking who in Hollywood… not the systematic elimination of civil rights, not the mounting debt issues, not the political posturing, not the economic crisis and none of the real issues that we face as Americans and as world citizens. No, they want you looking at the shiny thing over here so they do what they wish, unencumbered by judging eyes, as they take from what you thought you held dear. None of this is new though, it just seems to be far more pervasive than it was before and more disturbingly it seems to be less noticed than it was prior. The entire point is to distract you and keep you from voting, from even knowing what the ballots have on them or from having even the faintest notion of what your governance is doing with your money and with your tacit have acknowledged consent.


Why is this though? Why don’t you care? I care and I am told that I am a “bring down” what with me always talking about how people need to get more involved and how they need to stand up for their rights. I am told to just relax and that “things will work themselves out”. HOW???? How will things “work themselves out” if no one will get involved and no one wants to do anything about it themselves? How the hell will things not only get progressively worse as the apathy towards change is eroded with the likes of those who push responsibility onto others? If you don’t do anything then you assume that your neighbor will but your neighbor assumes the same about you and then that indifference festers and grows until you realize, all to late, that no one did a damn thing. That is exactly how America got to the point it currently has, no one did a goddamn thing to stop it from getting to this point. As long as you have weed and Spongebob then you couldn’t care less about the debit ceiling, the government shutdown, the terrorists (republicans) that are as of this writing holding the united states hostage, SOPA Mark II, Monstanto’s ever growing influence on the american market, the increasing bias in the “news” nor any other thing… Adventure Time is on and that is where you want your head to be. I hear again and again about how people just want to unwind after work and not worry about things they can’t control… They… Can’t… Control!!!  Yeah, you read that right, they feel they have no power over large scale events so better to just bury yourself in meaningless garbage and hope that things don’t go sideways. Here is a tip, you CAN control those things, maybe not directly but you CAN make a huge difference in how your country progresses or degresses. Simple as it may seem, caring about the larger issues has a collective influence on how those issues get resolved, they don’t resolve themselves, they get resolved… by people taking an active interest. Do you think that SOPA Version 1 died simply due to lack of focus?  It died because the people stood up to it, they talked about it, they voiced their anger about it and most of all they DID something to stop it. The people stopped it by refusing to let the congressional suit simians have their way with the american people. YOU DID THAT. So why then don’t you do that more often? Was it because in the case of SOPA Version 1 it directly affected you, is that the only reason you gave the most miniscule of a shit? Government shutting down? Whatever. GMO’s in my food? Who cares. My country is about to default and go into a depression? Meh. They want to take away my ability to watch anime off the net while blitzed? Well this requires action damn it. I love the priorities of the american populace and no, I am not being overly broad in my statement even if I am using the lazy pothead as the example.


All types of americans have the Laissez-faire attitude that they can’t make a difference, not just potheads but every kind of person has had this drilled into their head by the very people that bank on that very same apathy as a way to get away with no good. You work 40 hours plus laying brick or slinging coffee to hipsters and yes, when you get home you would like to just relax and not worry about the country as a whole… but tell me this does it really make you feel more secure knowing that while you are not doing anything about it, neither is anyone else? How does that help you sleep more comfortably? Does the knowledge that corruption is running amok and regulation is nothing more than a word help anyone or does it actually hurt everyone? Now, you don’t have to go to Occupy Wall Street rallies or anything like that, you can make things happen simply by caring about them and not sitting still while your country is stolen from you. Take part in your governance and don’t “let someone else deal with it”, stand up and take part in what a democracy is (on paper at least) a governance by the people and not the one we have now which is by the corporate interests and for the dollar.

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